S.E.D. Services, Inc. takes construction management from a passive role to a rather

aggressive role. Our approach to CM is partner with the Owner and Contractor to ensure

that an effective plan for scheduled completion and cost control. While means and

methods lay solely with the contractor, by partnering, we will be able to provide some

insight and guidance on meeting the established goals set forth at the beginning of a


During a project, S.E.D. Services, typically provides services, such as:

Provide baseline schedule review for acceptability, based on reasonable duration for

performance of activities and accurate schedule logic.

Provide monthly reviews of project schedule prepared by others to ensure a timely

completion of the project, within the requirements of the contract.

Provide monthly review of Application for Payments submitted for approval.

Assist the Design Professionals with the Contract Administration.

Provide oversight on Change Order Requests, Change Orders processing, as well as

Request for Information processing.

When necessary, perform delay analysis, claims analysis, or claims resolution.

Assist the Design Professionals/Contractor with the requirements for project close-out.