Accurately developed project scheduling is more important than ever. Most Owners require undisputed substantiation.  We use the Critical Path Method scheduling (CPM) to determine if there was a bearing to the project which could result in a contractors cost impact and/or a performance time impact. Improperly developed schedules will significantly reduce the contractor’s ability to recover time and/or cost associated with changes in scope or delays caused by others. This is due to precedence which renders an improperly developed and illogic schedule as an ineffective tool used in the planning of work, which therefor renders it useless in substantiating a claim, and voids its’ use in litigation.


We offer the following scheduling services:


Project schedule preparation oversight and advisory services

General project planning

Preliminary scheduling

Phased scheduling

CPM schedule preparation, monitoring, and updating

Submittal schedule preparation

Resource and Cost Loaded scheduling

Schedule Delay Analysis for Change Order Requests

Critical Path Method analysis reporting for use in management decision making